Plant-Based Frozen Desserts; Our Favorites

Plant-Based Frozen Desserts; Our Favorites

The plant-based revolution is in full swing, and it’s expanding beyond the meat aisle at the supermarket (pun intended) and into indulgent products, namely ice-cream and frozen desserts. Millennial and Gen-Z consumers have gravitated to dairy-free and vegan alternatives to conventional treats for a levy of reasons, including health, lactose-intolerance and environmental concerns. The industry clocked in at a value of $455.9 million in 2018 and is scheduled to grow at over 14% a year, and according to Global Market Insights, exceed the billion-dollar mark by 2024. With the dog-days of summer still upon us, here are some of our favorite brands using a levy of different substitutes so you can cut the cow out of your ice cream.

Hakuna Banana: Ain’t No Passing Crave

The Lion-King inspired Hakuna Banana puts the lion’s share of emphasis on its wholesome, natural ingredients; Almonds for the milk, banana for the texture and dates for the sweetness. They pride themselves on using no refined sugars, and no ‘natural flavors’ either! An indulgent product, without the un-indulgent hyper-processed ingredients.

Halo Top: Low-Calorie Coconuts

Halo Top, the cult-favorite low-calorie ice cream brand also has a dairy-free variant made with coconut milk. Although some criticize it for being lighter than traditional ice creams, its core proposition holds of allowing you to eat a whole pint without the typical amount of calories associated with it; now without the cow.

Cado: Avocado Warriors

Contrary to the light, low calorie HaloTop, Cado takes pride in their richness and monounsaturated fat. Made with organic, heart-healthy avocados, Cado caters to the dairy-free consumer who wants the heavy-hitting, creamy goodness typically associated with milk and cream.

Dream Pops: West-Coast Popsicle With West-World Design

100-calorie mini-popsicles delivered to your doorstep. The Dream Pops team couples the plant-based ingredients of the future with the design fit for a sci-fi show. The result? Tapioca-Coconut Polyhedrons. Now that’s a mouthful!

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