3 Developing Food Trends in Q1 2019

3 Developing Food Trends in Q1 2019

CBD Hype In Full Swing at Expo West 2019

During our team’s visit to Expo West 2019 in Anaheim last week, it was difficult not to notice a key sub-vertical that was ubiquitous throughout the event: CBD and hemp products. We weren’t the only ones, with BevNet publishing an article and video noting how even successful, mainstream brands like Vita-coco are adding CBD into Coconut Water. With the trend picking up speed, some brands see it as an opportunity to venture into the space, either as a supplemental feature or as a focal ingredient.

Natural Product Insider released a brief podcast cautioning that the industry is still in its early stages, and that comprehensive research/government regulation is lacking. Additionally, it warns that supply and safety issues might arise in the upcoming years before regulators and the market feel out a method to the madness, and best practices are agreed upon.

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Food Brands Shift Away from Conventional Retail

Food brands are broadening their retail focus from conventional supermarket retailers to gyms, offices, and even experimenting with pop-up stores. According to CB Insights’ new 2019 Food/Bev Trends publication, brands are increasingly keen to find ways of diversifying their POS options away from the struggling brick-and-mortar retail sector; an industry being significantly disrupted by the convenience of Amazons’ and Jets’ of E-commerce.

As delivery becomes increasingly convenient, fast, and affordable, consumers have less incentive to trek to brick-and-mortar retailers for foods and household items; why walk when you can order with a tap? Food brands have accordingly begun placing their products the only place more convenient than a courier away: wherever you happen to be. A couple of examples include Emirates supplying fresh produce on its flights, and Cargo’s continued expansion in selling snacks and other goods in ride-sharing cars.

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Personalized Nutrition Is Gaining Steam

As per a CB Insights report, an international levy of startups are on a mission to personalize various areas of healthy living, from helping to regulate a diet, to customizing foodstuffs/supplements, to analyzing a personal biological profile.

A couple notable examples:

  1. STYR Labs is developing an engine that allows users to customize vitamins, juices and more based on bio-metrics, habits and lifestyle choices
  2. Multiply Labs 3D-prints supplements from a quiz customers can fill out. Their pills are designed with multiple sections per pill, designed to release nutrients and minerals at different times, depending on your personalized health needs.

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